An Amazing Interview with Santanu Debnath-Founder of How to earn $ 1500 in 1 month

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Hello Blogger!

Welcome everyone to Soumya Technology
I started a blogger interview series so bloggers who are doing well can motivate you through interviews and can also give you some tips on blogging, SEO, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

This is the 2nd interview with Santanu Debnath, a passionate blogger, and founder of

I am delighted to have it on my Blog.

Santanu Debnath also has a YouTube channel of the “BloggingJOY” name where he shares his experience, tips, and tricks related to blogging, SEO, keyword research, making money online, and much more.

I love watching his YouTube videos the way he explains everything. And I never miss his videos.

Guys are you excited?

Of course, you do, so without wasting your precious time, let’s start this amazing interview with Santanu Debnath.

Let’s start the Interview with Santanu Debnath:

Santanu Debnath first of All, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Featured On & Mentions - Santanu Debnath

Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I am a software professional, but as a hobby, I have started blogging back in 2008-2009. Besides my full-time job, I run a few blogs and they are helping me to generate some extra money. I have a good interest in the Blogging & WordPress area and that’s why right now I am focusing on 2 of my main blogs &

Santanu Debnath can you please explain your Blogging Journey?

I have answered the same question multiple times in my previous interviews. I am sure you would love to read more about that by following this page of my website. It’s a long journey.

What are the challenges you have faced during your Blogging Journey?

Challenges are part of your journey and you should face them as many times possible as you can. Because without challenges you can’t learn anything. I made many mistakes, experimented a lot and gradually gained knowledge. Few of them are

  • Targeting multiple topics in 1 blog
  • Focused on quantity, compared to quality in early days
  • Spend less time in reading & learning, rather followed others blindly
  • Hesitated to invest after premium products

What is your main motive for creating the Blog

My main motive was to create a blog to generate income from that. Initially, I tried AdSense, but gradually I found affiliate marketing is the best way for me. Gradually I started loving the process of sharing knowledge, experiences and mixing affiliate marketing with the content.

Why do you choose “BloggingJoy” as your Brand Name?

Nothing like that. I was looking for a domain with the term BLOGGING and after much research, I found this name. And then I booked it.

Santanu Debnath - BloggingJOY
Santanu Debnath – BloggingJOY

What do you think about “Scope of Blogging in 2021”?

It’s like a deep sea. You will see things are getting saturated, but actually it is getting changed and only people who can adjust with the change will survive. Just ask yourself, will you stop searching Google? I have asked the same question to few of the top bloggers and you can read the complete post here.

How many Blogs are you currently running? Also, share some details about your other Blogs.

As I have said, I have created many blogs in the last 11 years. But right now finding it very difficult to manage. And most of the blogs are not generating any income also, as I can’t give time. So right now just focusing on 2 blogs and trying to grow them.

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Should Beginners choose for Blogging?

Yes, why not. is the best place to start learning everything for free of cost. I did the same things and played around with HTML, CSS, learned content writing, etc.

What do you think about “AdSense vs Affiliate”?

Both are awesome. But you need to understand which one will work best for you. For me, I found affiliate marketing is what I love compared to Google AdSense.

What do you think about “Blogging vs YouTube”?

Again, both are awesome and are 2 different ways to consume information. I did well with blogging so far, but creating videos and uploading them on YouTube is something that I am still learning. For me, I still prefer text based content, but I know that the reach of videos are better.

Which tactics do you prefer to use to rank on Competitive Keywords?

To rank any competitive keywords, you have to plan with time. Yes, you have to keep updating the content, create relevant backlinks and give enough time. Because other authority blogs are already ranking and that’s why you have to prove that your content is better. It takes time.

Can you share some SEO Tips to Rank on the 1st Page of Google?

There are plenty of SEO techniques available. But over a period of time, what I found is that SEO is a long-term game and one has to follow the basic steps properly. E.g. On-Page SEO optimization, regular updating on blog posts, internal linking, good quality guest posts, high-speed website, etc play a big role in ranking your keywords in #1 in Google.

Who was your first inspiration when taking your first step in the field of Blogging?

When I started blogging, I used to follow Kulwant Nagi, Anil Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal. I used to read their blogs, how they write content and do SEO etc.

Give some PRO Advice or Suggestion for newbies Bloggers.

I believe if you have read so far, you might have understood that there is no such PRO advice or secret in blogging. It’s all about how good you can practice. Read more & more in the early days, follow top bloggers in your niche, and understand how they work daily. Learn content writing by answering questions on Quora and finally have patience as it may take 1-2 years before you start making regular income from blogging.

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Some Suggestions

  • Which themes do you recommend most? GeneratePress, Genesis Framework
  • Which plugins you love and use on your blog also recommend to others? Rank Math, WP Rocket, UpdraftPlus
  • Which SEO Tool is best according to you? SEMrush, Ahrefs
  • Which Hosting do you want to recommend to our readers? Cloudways, Hostinger, A2 Hosting
  • Last but the most Demanded Question? that “How much money you generate through your Blogs”? There is nothing fixed but on avg $1000-$1500 per month.

Some RAPID-FIRE Comparison Questions:

Q.1 Blogger vs WordPress

Ans: WordPress

Q. 2 AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing

Ans: Affiliate Marketing

Q. 3 SEO vs SEM

Ans: SEO

Q. 4 Micro Niche vs Macro Niche

Ans: Micro Niche

Q. 5 Updating Old Posts vs Writing New Post

Ans: Both

Thanks, Santanu Debnath sir for taking part in “ST Interview Show” and answering questions amazingly. Really you are a true inspiration to all of us who are in this field or those who want to start. You are my Second guest and I have learned a lot from this interview. Keep us update with informational articles through your blog.

Thank You !!!

Guys, If you loved the interview then please share with your friends, and tell us by commenting down what you have learned from this interview. See you in the next article… 
Have a good day
Stay Home Stay Safe
Bye Bye 👋👋

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