Apple glasses: release date, price, features, and leaks

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Apple Glasses can redefine portable computing. That’s all we know so far.

All Apple Glasses augmented reality glasses have been confirmed at this time, and we are starting to see the futuristic look of the first generation of wearable devices.

When we first heard the word “apple glasses”, rumors indicated that the lenses would be released this year. But with Apple’s entire 2020 lineup of models like the iPhone 12, Apple Watch 6, and AirPods Studio, Apple’s augmented reality glasses for the near future looked confusing.

A trusted analyst said Apple Glasses could arrive as soon as next year, while another longtime source of Apple product launches believes the launch won’t happen until 2022. Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman said the first time we’ll see is 2023 Either way The project is definitely in process.

Apple Glasses is expected to run on Starboard , a proprietary OS  that was unveiled in the latest version of iOS 13. The augmented reality window appears multiple times in both code and text documents, which means that it is very likely that Apple is testing the activation and the application.

Here’s everything else we know about Apple Glasses, including the possible release date, price, design, and specs.

apple glass- (Image credit: Techweartrend)
apple glass- (Image credit: Techweartrend)

Apple Glasses release date

apple glass -(Image Source: Martin Hajek / iDropnews)
apple glass -(Image Source: Martin Hajek / iDropnews)

Apple Glasses will arrive at the earliest in 2023, according to a Bloomberg report. The Apple VR Headset went into competition with the Oculus Rift 2 about to launch.

But according to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, perhaps the most famous and trusted Apple expert, Apple Glasses won’t be ready to ship until 2022 “at the earliest.” However, a presentation that was shown internally at Apple and leaked to The Information sets the launch date to 2023, Bloomberg suggested.

It could all be wrong: John Prosser, a well-known Apple leak, says Apple glasses could arrive sooner than we think. Prosser believes the launch is targeted for “March-June 2021.”

Prosser also says the company will announce Apple Glasses before it is ready to ship, just as it waited several months for the first-generation Apple Watch to sell after its debut. Apple reportedly wants members of the media to attend the reveals, so it can wait until personal tech events resume.

The company may plan to reveal the lenses as a “something else” ad in its annual keyword in the fall, according to Prosser.

On July 10, The Information reported that Apple Glasses lenses had passed the prototype phase and entered trial production, a milestone in the commercialization of Apple’s wearable device.

Apple VR Headset vs. Apple Glass

In addition to Apple Glasses, the company is working on a virtual reality headset that may be less complex and closer to launch.

Apple VR headsets are said to feature ultra-high-definition displays and a cinematic speaker system that should allow for realistic visual experiences, according to people who have seen prototypes.

These sources also said that the headset appears to be the thinnest and most fabric-covered Aunce Quest, but the design is not final as the company continues to test to determine the perfect fit for most head shapes.

There is no information on the price, although we don’t expect it to be cheap. The Quest starts at $ 399, HTC’s Vive costs $ 799, and Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 costs $ 3,500.

Like its rivals, Apple VR headsets will benefit from its own App Store, where users can access gaming, video streaming, and communication software. The voice assistant Siri will be tasked with controlling the headphones, although the actual remote is also being tested.

As for the possible release date, the VR headsets are on track to debut next year and will launch in 2022.

Apple glass price

According to Prosser, Apple’s glasses are currently priced at $ 499, plus prescription costs. Now that may sound low, especially compared to competing augmented reality headsets like the Microsoft Hololens 2.

The Hololens 2 is priced at $ 3,500, but a large part of its cost comes from having all the electronics necessary to power the AR experience built into the headphones.

Instead, Apple will rely on a companion iPhone for the glass process, so it will have much less parts and complexity than Hololens. It will work like the Vuzix Blade smart glasses, which have a built-in camera and Alexa integration.

However, the price of the Vuzix Blade starts at $ 799. Apple’s entry point is enormously affordable, costing some of the high-spec smartwatches.

Apple Glass Features: What They Will Really Do

apple glass -(Image credit: Techweartrend)
apple glass -(Image credit: Techweartrend)

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s augmented reality glasses will bring information from your phone to your face. Specifically, the glasses are expected to sync with the user’s iPhone to display things like texts, emails, maps, and games in the user’s field of vision.

Apple also has plans for third-party apps and is considering building a dedicated app store, similar to the way you get Apple TV and Apple Watch apps.

Furthermore, the patent granted to Apple has fueled rumors that Apple Glass will not require prescription lenses because smart glasses will automatically adapt to people with low vision using an “Optical subset.” However, that patent may be for a second generation pair of smartphone-enabled virtual reality glasses or Apple smart glasses.

apple glass -(Image credit: Apple patent)
apple glass -(Image credit: Apple patent)

Another glass patent from Apple describes how you can change your wallpapers on the fly, similar to zooming. The patent describes how a headphone can perform a chroma key, which replaces the solid color background with something else.

The headset will “format the camera images, detect a specific color gamut, and create a composition with predetermined content.”

apple glass - apple glass -(Image credit: Apple patent)
apple glass – apple glass -(Image credit: Apple patent)

One of the Apple Glass patents indicates how it allows you to see parts of the world that you want to see, similar to Google Street View. The difference is that this representation will be reproduced directly on Apple Glass lenses. You can go digitally to different sites.

Apple’s Apple Maps app has a similar feature now called Look Around, but it will be much more immersive in Apple Glass.

A new patent from Apple reveals that Apple Glass can let you change funds on the fly, just like Zoom does, too.

One of Apple’s patents indicates that Apple Glass can help you see better in the dark, through depth sensors that provide a better view of the world around you.

Apple glasses design

apple glass - (Image Source: idropnews / Martin Hajek)
apple glass – (Image Source: idropnews / Martin Hajek)

The latest Apple Glass prototype is said to look like a plastic pair “not too scary,” while the marketing materials refer to the Clark Kent-style design.

There is a LiDAR scanner on his right temple, but no other camera for privacy reasons (although this may change). The glasses also come with a plastic holder that has wireless chargers.

Being an iPhone accessory would definitely have implications for the design of Apple Glass. Although the glasses will not be as light as Ray-Ban sunglasses, they can be light and comfortable enough to function as everyday glasses.

There are no plans for the first generation of Apple Glass in a colorful variation. In the near future, you will be stuck with using regular sunscreen. But if Apple Glass were to start, the company might consider expanding its offerings.

Apple Glass may have a standard trick up its sleeve, too. It is rumored that a pair of mixed reality glasses may feature interchangeable arms, each of which provides a different purpose or performs a different function.

Apple Glass specifications

Specifications are not yet known on Apple Glass, but we can speculate based on what we know about current technology. For example, it will have at least the same field of view (52 degrees) and resolution (47 dpi) as the Hololens 2.

If Apple aims to create a true augmented reality solution, rather than a front-end display that displays notifications or floating 2D maps, like Google Glass, then it’s reasonable to expect the Apple glasses to connect directly to the iPhone on a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Connection.

If the iPhone had to process all the videos captured by the eyeglass cameras and send the 3D images to the glasses at a very high frame rate per second (minimum 60Hz, with an ideal refresh 120Hz), it would require a much higher bandwidth than what Bluetooth could provide .

As for battery life, we can also expect at least three hours if Apple wants it to be competitive, although we can assume that people will be more tolerant of this, especially if Apple provides some kind of wireless charging glasses case expansion Operability. Time during the day as with Apple AirPods.

Apple Glasses Wish List: What We Want

apple glass - (Image source: Martin Hajek / iDropnews)
apple glass – (Image source: Martin Hajek / iDropnews)

Spectacle-like glasses: We like natural-looking glasses, like the ones featured in the concepts you see on this page. I’m sure Apple wants the same. Nobody wants augmented reality glasses that look like geek-style ones

Full 3D Augmented Reality – Some people want only a front-facing display, but the true power of augmented reality comes from the full 3D integration for Apple glasses to succeed, you must be able to run any iOS AR app currently running on an iPhone with Wearable device.

In less than 8 hours of battery life – assuming you aren’t running 3D AR apps all the time and that you periodically look through notifications and the 2D apps in between, Apple should be able to find a way to get the Apple glasses to last a normal workday. , Although it may not occur in the first generation.

We will continue to update this page as more rumors and leaks about Apple glasses emerge. Make sure to bookmark and go back.

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