Happy Diwali Wishing Script 2020 for Blogger and WordPress [Free Download]

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Diwali Wishing Script: As you know, Diwali is the biggest festival in India for everyone. Everyone celebrates this occasion with their family and friends. Everyone sends wishes to friends, family and even relatives. What if you gave him a great new way to share feelings? I mean Diwali Wishes scenario.

In today’s post we have something special for you … It’s “Diwali Wishing Script” 2019 … you download it absolutely free and you can create a Wishing site by installing it on Blogger and WordPress.

Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger and WordPress [Free Download]

What is Diwali Wishing Script?

Friends, as you all know the importance of Diwali, in this case, if you create a website for this Diwali wishes and can generate a good amount of traffic through its spread on the internet then you can easily make good profits online. and you need Diwali Wishing Script.

Diwali Wishing Script is a collection of HTML codes and images that you can add to your website on Blogger and WordPress. But it is difficult to create a Script without any knowledge of the code. This is why we are creating a wish scenario ready for you. You just have to follow some steps and you can create the website you want in just 15 minutes.

So today we brought in advanced Wishing scripts, where you get all things like social share button, PNG and GIFs, giving Wishing Scripts a better look. This is the only reason, you can virus!

How to Free Download Diwali Wishing Script?

As I told you, we have already created advanced Diwali wishing scripts. You just need to download this script, you have two options. You can download it from Google Drive or Direct Download.

What do you need to create a script website?

1. Wishing script:

A Wishing Script is just like a theme, such as when you upload a theme on your website, you will get a new look and new features.

Likewise, Wish Script exists, but there are different scripts for all festivals or you can customize the same script but you need knowledge of the code, and it is best to download these scripts from the internet or from our website (above).

2. Blogger account

If you want to create a free wish website, you can use Blogger because here you get free hosting and free domain, and you can create a free blog. You can use a custom domain or you can use “HappyDiwaliWishes-madeinIndia.blogspot.com” for free

3. AdSense account and its alternatives

Want to make money from the festival wishing script, then you need some advertisement or Ads. You can place ads between the wishing script. You can use Google AdSense.

If you do not have an approved AdSense account, you can use AdSense Alternative.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool to track the traffic of your website. You can create a Google Analytics account and add your website to track the traffic. Here you can also verify users live and in real time at the same time.

5. Notepad ++ / Sublime Text

Notepad ++ / Sublime Text is a free window program for Wishing Script editing, with which you can edit your website URL, Analytics code, AdSense ads, etc., by editing script.

How to install Diwali Wishing Script and create a website?

So I hope you have everything you need to create, install and customize the your Wishing. Here is a step-by-step guide. Follow all the steps and see the magic. Let’s Start!

Step 1. Download Wishing Script

First of all, you need a ready Wishing Script for your website. I have already provided the download link above. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please download it from the above link. ↑↑

Step 2. Create Blogger Account

• Go to Blogger.com

• Log in with your Gmail account.

Step # 3

Log in to Blogger Admin >Click> Create New Blog

Diwali Wishing Script
Diwali Wishing Script

Step # 4.

Enter website Name and click next After Enter website URL and click Save

Step # 5.

Go to Themes

Step # 6.

Click Customize And Select 3rd Option

Diwali Wishing Script
Diwali Wishing Script

Step #7.

Click “Switch Without A Backup”

Step #8.

Click Edit HTML >Click Change NavBar >Select Off>Save

Diwali Wishing Script
Diwali Wishing Script

Step # 8.

Return Click Edit HTML >Copy All Code From Downloaded File & Paste Here (File Download link Above)

Step # 9.

 Paste the code [Ctrl + V] in the “Edit HTML Theme” box and click “Save Theme”

Step # 10.

 Now click on “View Blog” and see the magic. The Wishing Script website is ready.

How to customize your wishing website script?

To customize the wishing script, first of all, you need to download Notepad ++ / Sublime Text which is a free source code editing tool. Or you can customize it directly on Blogger. So, you need to change 3-4 things:

1.Google Analytics Code: You need to add Google Analytics code to track the traffic status on your website, will it become virus or not? (For reference, see the picture above)

2.Website address: You need to change the website URL, just search for <meta property = ”og: url” and here you will see the website address. In my case, “HappyDiwaliWishes-India.blogspot.com”. Replace this URL with the URL of your site.

3.Adsense code – You must add your own AdSense code to earn money from display ads. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account, you can apply here or you can check out the best Google AdSense alternatives.

4.Image and Text – We add text and images here just to get a good look. If you want to change text and images. You can replace it. (Make sure you have a basic understanding of HTML / PHP coding.)

How to Viral Your Diwali Wishing Script (Unlimited Earning Tricks)

Note: You can use a short link service like Bitly.com to get an attractive short URL for your website.

Now, your main task starts here. Also, I already gave him the script and he installed it. But all the waste, if it is not going to VIRAL!!!

You can use social media, WhatsApp friends, and groups to reach unlimited audiences. And make sure your message (along with your website URL) is delivered before starting Diwali (DIPAWALI).

You need to share your website with all the Facebook groups and fan pages because Diwali is a festival for everyone.

Share your website URL with your Facebook friends and select all the friends on your Facebook friends list.

You can join WhatsApp groups to reach more and more audience and share your website URL with a good wishes message.

That’s all for today. I think now you are ready for unlimited profit and I hope this Diwali is … you will Rocking!!!

If you found any error or issue in installing the wishing script, please comment below. Thanks!!!

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