Harmony Operating System : What you need to know about Huawei’s new OS

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Huawei CEO announced the Harmony Operating System in August 2019, as the company’s new cross-device OS that could bring the next stage of Huawei’s technological dominance.

The announcement of political events last year was clearly a thin curtain, but the message is clear – Huawei could do that if it wants to eat Android.

Harmony’s Operating System is apt, but not entirely, for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), and is an alternative to the Google apps the company is working on in an effort to pass the Huawei ban. These are the apps that will pop up on its smartphones like the Huawei P40 or the Mate 40, and Huawei’s ticking clock item is sure to restart the phone department before people associate it too much with the ban imposed by Google apps.

Designed by Harmony Operating System or Huawei as ‘Harmony Operating System’ (formerly codename Hongmeng) designed for a variety of devices, it is currently intended for IoT devices such as smart screens or smart home equipment. The first product with an operating system is Honor TV, although more similar products have been announced, including Huawei TV.

Given the political climate between the US and China (see: Huawei ban) and the impact it has had on Huawei’s arrival on Android over the past year, it is not surprising that the brand has presented a notorious and trustworthy stance.

Cut to the chase

  • What is that? Huawei’s new OS is set to work on a variety of products
  • When is it out? You can buy Harmony Harmony Operating System products in China, but 2020 could be elsewhere
  • How much will it cost? It won’t cost you to use Harmony Harmony Operating System, although it may contain products

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Harmony OS
Harmony OS

Harmony’s OS will be free to use, as long as you have hardware running the OS, but since the best Huawei device is relatively affordable, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

However, you may have to wait a while to use Harmony Operating System. It is in use on Honor TV and Huawei TV, but is currently only available in China, and while we have heard that the next Huawei smartwatch and Watch GT will run on OS, its release is still a bit.

With our entry, the Harmony Operating System on Huawei smartphones (or perhaps Huawei Mobile Services, as it is possible) is still a long way away, if it comes right, outside of China, we will have to wait a long time. Please.

How does Harmony Operating System work?

Huawei claims that with the advent of the Internet of Things device, there is a need for a more efficient operating system. These IoT devices, which have less storage and memory than the best smartphones, require significantly simpler code, and for 100 lines of Android code, you might have one line of Harmony Operating System code.

Despite this, Harmony Operating System is still able to offer powerful hardware functionality.

By taking a “one device approach”, Huawei also aims to create a common ecosystem for different devices, breaking down barriers and thus saving developer time. The app can be placed on the whole head unit, smartwatch, fitness tracker, and speaker.

We’ve seen some similar ideas before, especially on Windows Phone, which has a kernel in common with Windows 10, when it wasn’t successful Huawei could have a silver bullet in its gun – compatibility with Android.

Honor TV With Harmony OS (Image credit: TechRadar)
Honor TV With Harmony OS (Image credit: TechRadar)

Harmony OS also started its life as a TV operating system, for seamless streaming and fluid opportunities to devices, so that the user can make a video call on their phone, broadcast it on the TV in the kitchen, and then follow it up in the living room. After that, they were able to make phone calls from room to room, and go from one smart speaker to another.

Harmony’s OS will display watches, speakers, and major units of the vehicle below the line, but this device isn’t limited to the category. Moreover, it is open source, as Huawei makes promises to support a lot of developers.

Harmony OS will also be an open source platform, so developers will be able to provide apps for the platform and other smartphone manufacturers may choose to use the operating system.

Is the Harmony OS set to replace Android phones?

When talking about smartphones getting the Harmony OS, when the Harmony OS was revealed, Huawei’s current trend was clear: “When can we put it on our smartphones? Google. ” For Android … if we can’t use it in the future we can switch from Android.

With time, the potential for Huawei phones to run on Android is getting smaller and smaller, so it’s increasingly likely that Harmony OS or Huawei Mobile Services will enter any device in 2020 at some point.

android (Image credit: Shutterstock)
Android (Image credit: Shutterstock)

He made it clear that the switch would be “quick and easy”, putting forward fighting words, clearly at least for the time being, to protect his company’s partnership with Google.

Following its announcement, the U.S. has since refrained from committing to any switch from Android to Harmony’s OS, and it appears that Joey Tan, president of Huawei’s Global Media and Communications, agrees, suggesting that Harmony’s OS will not replace Android on Huawei phones at any time. Coming soon.

You said that “a viable alternative to Android’s operating operating system, will take years to complete.”

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