Exclusive Interview with Ayush Mishra Founder of Bloggers Desire

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Hello Blogger!
Welcome everyone to ST Interview Show
I started a blogger interview series so bloggers who are doing well can motivate you through interviews and can also give you some tips on blogging, SEO, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

This is the 4th interview with Ayush Mishra, a passionate blogger, and founder of Bloggers Desire.

I am delighted to have it on my Blog.

Ayush Mishra also has a YouTube channel of the “Ayush Mishra,” name where he shares his experience, tips, and tricks related to blogging, SEO, keyword research, making money online, and much more.

I love watching his YouTube videos the way he explains everything. And I never miss his videos.

Guys are you excited?

Of course, you do, so without wasting your precious time, let’s start this amazing interview with Ayush Mishra.

Let’s start the Interview with Ayush Mishra:

Ayush Mishra first of All, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I’m Ayush Mishra the founder of BloggersDesire. I am a passionate affiliate marketer and blogger.

Ayush Mishra can you please explain your Blogging Journey?

After passing the 10th standard I got my first mobile from my parents and one day I’m searching for some ways to make money online on youtube and from a video I came to know about blogging.

After a while, I bought a domain through Godaddy and started a blog with Blogspot, but I didn’t know what SEO was and other strategies, so I sold that blog after a month.

After creating many failed blogs I started and Bloggers Desire and now you all know about it. I also have a youtube channel where I post videos about blogging and affiliate marketing.

What are the challenges you have faced during your Blogging Journey?

I have answered this question in another interview so you can read it from here.

What is your main motive for creating the Blog

I entered in this journey to make some money and I work in many different ways like Adsense but affiliate marketing work best for me. But now making money is my second priority and I love to share my experience and knowledge to help others.

Why do you choose “Bloggers Desire” as your Brand Name?

I was searching for the domain with the term blogging and one day name of BLOGGERSDESIRE comes to my mind. I liked that name and booked a domain.

What do you think about “Scope of Blogging in 2021-2022”?

Now blogging is not just a hobby it’s a business. So anyone wants to start blogging then they need to understand how things work and do smart work with consistency.

The future of blogging is bright for only those who have a learning attitude and can work with patience and consistency.

You can also watch my video on blogging as a career.

Should Beginners choose Blogger.com for Blogging?

If you are just starting and want to learn some basics then you can go with it. But if you are serious and want to make a career in blogging then you should go with WordPress.

What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in the digital marketing industry and those who have failed?

One of the main reasons people fail in this industry is because they quit very soon.

If they learn and understand the strategies that work and how things are working then they can also become successful in this field.

What do you think about “AdSense vs Affiliate”?

Personally, I choose affiliate marketing over AdSense. Because in affiliate you don’t need so much traffic to earn decent money.

With just some sales you can easily make $500 or more and to earn this amount with Adsense you need high traffic.

What do you think about “Blogging vs YouTube”?

Some people say blogging is dead. It is also common to hear that YouTube traffic does not convert. They are both far from the truth.

Both blogging and YouTube can be highly profitable and passive. Most of the time, you should be doing both, but which one you should focus more on will depend on your niche.

If anyone asks you to choose between JOB vs ONLINE BUSINESS then what should be your answer?

I choose online business and here are some reasons why online business is better than doing a 9 to 5 job.

In online business, you get the following things.

  1. No limit to earn money
  2. Financial and Time freedom
  3. Learning
  4. Satisfaction
  5. Growth
  6. Impact on the world and so on.

What major things a blogger or digital marketer should follow to get traffic in their initial days of career.

To get traffic in their initial days they should start building an ecosystem from day 1. I use my Facebook group to get traffic and they should start building an email list and use it to drive traffic.

Can you please share some AdSense approval tips as you have expertise in it?

Here is a checklist to get Adsense approval on your blog.

  1. Write high-quality content
  2. Post unique articles
  3. Do basic SEO
  4. Apply after at least one month of buying a domain
  5. Don’t publish illegal content
  6. Don’t publish thin content
  7. Write at least 30 posts
  8. All posts must be at least 1k words
  9. Use Adsense optimized WordPress theme

Follow this checklist to get approval on the first attempt.

Some Suggestions

Which themes do you recommend most?

Kadence & GeneratePress

Which plugins you love and use on your blog also recommend to others? –

Kadence Blocks
WP Rocket
Akismet Anti-Spam
Rank Math SEO

Which SEO Tool is best according to you?

Ahref & Semrush

Which Hosting do you want to recommend to our readers?

Rocket.net & WPX

 Some RAPID-FIRE Comparison Questions:

Q. 1 Blogger vs WordPress
Ans: WordPress
Q. 2 AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing
Ans: Affiliate Marketing
Q. 3 SEO vs SEM
Ans: SEO
Q. 4 Micro Niche vs Macro Niche
Ans: Micro Niche
Q. 5 Updating Old Posts vs Writing New Post
Ans: Both

Thanks,  Ayush Mishra  for taking part in “ST Interview Show” and answering questions amazingly. Really you are a true inspiration to all of us who are in this field or those who want to start. You are my Third guest and I have learned a lot from this interview. Keep us update with informational articles through your blog.

Thank You !!!

Guys, If you loved the interview then please share with your friends, and tell us by commenting down what you have learned from this interview. See you in the next article… 
Have a good day
Stay Home Stay Safe
Bye Bye 👋👋

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