An Amazing Interview with Kirtish Vyas-Founder of How to earn $ 6000 in 1 month

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Hello Blogger!

Welcome everyone to Soumya Technology
I started a blogger interview series so bloggers who are doing well can motivate you through interviews and can also give you some tips on blogging, SEO, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

This is the first interview with Kirtish Vyas (Mrvyas), a passionate blogger and founder of BloggingOS

I am delighted to have it on my Blog.

Kirtish Vyas also has a YouTube channel of the “MRVYAS” name where he shares his experience, tips and tricks related to blogging, SEO, keyword research, making money online, and much more.

I love watching his YouTube videos the way he explains everything. And I never miss his videos.

Are you guys excited?

Of course you do, so without wasting your precious time, let’s start this amazing interview with Kirtish Vyas.

Let’s start the Interview with Kirtish Vyas:

Table of Contents

Kirtish Vyas first of All, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Kirtish Vyas

My Name is Kirtish Vyas, I am an engineer by profession and Blogger by passion. I published my very first blog on on 8th Nov,2018, currently based in United Kingdom doing blogging and YouTube as part time

Kirtish Vyas can you please explain your Blogging Journey?

Ans: I have started my online passive income journey via YouTube channel (MRVYAS) in the year 2016 and in year 2018, I was shifted to UK working for an IT company. While travelling to office, one of my colleagues told me to make money online by writing a blog and I was so surprised that how this possible to make money just writing a content.

Kirtish Vyas-Youtube Channel
Image Credit: MR Vyas Youtube

But I love watching YouTube videos and suddenly came across couple of Blogging videos which I continued watched for next 1-2 hrs. and I found that yes Blogging has potential and it is worth trying now and in addition i can write content easily. So why don’t give it a try, Soon after as usual I have gone through rigorous learning on Blogging with over reading of 300+ blog posts and many YouTube Videos.

Then I published, my first blog on on 8th Nov,2018 there I wrote 10 articles first, mostly on cryptocurrency and sent that for AdSense approval, I remember I got approval after 15 days.

Then after I decided to move my blog to WordPress and in the month of December, I bought hosting and moved my complete blog to WordPress.

What are the challenges you have faced during your Blogging Journey?

Ans: The only biggest challenge is the right guidance due to full of unnecessary information spread across across the YouTube channels and decision making on what is right and what is not.

What is your main motive for creating the Blog “BLOGGINGOS”?

Ans: Earlier Blog is more of a generic blog there I am not focusing on user queries but more oriented around the SEO traffic and that cause I missed my real audience query so to overcome that I decided to have a platform which actually answers my user queries specific to blogging, affiliate marketing and I want to make that platform much more like Bloggers friend in the blogging journey to have detailed answers around every individual specific query.

Kirtish Vyas-BloggingOS
Image Credit:

Why do you choose “BLOGGINGOS” as your Brand Name?

Ans: It is made of two words, Blogging and OS where OS stands for the operating system and that is what my vision to have an operating system for a blog, which can become a lifeline for running every individual blogging journey by answering their queries and pushing the right guidance without unnecessary information.

What do you think about “Scope of Blogging in 2021”?

Ans: I personally trust reading blogs more as compare to watching videos to find out the specific query answer and the reason is YouTube like video communication platform can be easily optimized around a rough content but here Google or other search engine using its advance algorithm to gives us the best top results. So, until the user keeps thriving for the quality content, I feel the scope of blogging not only in 2021 but beyond that will be persistent.

How many Blogs are you currently running? Also, share some details about your other Blogs.

Ans: Sorry to disclose all, but I have already public three of my most visited blogs, Mrvyasidea, Bloggingos and soundproofidea from three different niches.

Should Beginners choose for Blogging?

Ans: Only reason to choose Blogger is, if you cannot manage 2K INR/Year but remember Blogging is a business and I strongly advice to invest little. But my strong advice to every blogging beginner, no matter what you choose but always buy at least custom domain.

What do you think about “AdSense vs Affiliate”?

Ans: Both has different earning potential but it all depends on traffic and more on niche. If your site is of news, movie review etc. then go for AdSense and if you love writing more on information content then go for Affiliate and on other side if you want to make more income with low traffic then strongly go with affiliate else vice versa.

What do you think about “Blogging vs YouTube”?

Ans: Well it is a heated debate but I personally love both as nowadays both are integrated as part of the marketing strategy, you cannot rely 100% on SEO and not on SEM, there you can survive using YouTube.

Imagine, if you have published post but no one is visiting, it is just another crap on internet, so YouTube will keep up your site branding and user keep searching and visiting content.

But if you ask me to choose the best out of them in terms of content, I always prefer Blog as it is hard to manipulate search engine ranking as compared to YouTube.

Can you please share some AdSense approval tips as you have expertise in it?

Ans: Honestly speaking, we should not say this as tips rather guidelines. Sometimes I observed the blog which AdSense has disapproved first and you reapply second time after 1-2 months they instantly approve, as the approval process is manual and rest basic structure of the blog is what I already explained in my couple of videos.

Which tactics do you prefer to use to rank on Competitive Keywords?

Ans: Simple and clear find related longtail keywords and include all Google suggestion keywords within the content, try to answer query in the beginning of the paragraph as a summary and increase the content dwell time and if possible backlinks or get early user engagement by sharing the content on social media or forums.

Can you share some SEO Tips to Rank on the 1st Page of Google?

Ans: Everyday SEO keeps changing and most important part is no one can rely on any Tip but here is one thing which always works is always focus on the user query intent, remember in Google user mostly type long tail keyword not a small keyword so always finds a query around your keyword.

Next strategy is writing content around that query which users are searching a lot and once that will up rank and you get more hits then automatically the other small keywords will start ranking.

The best place to find the user query for specific keyword is Forum sites or answerthepublic platform.

Who was your first inspiration when taking your first step in the field of Blogging?

Ans: My passion to make money online and my confidence and dedication to put extra efforts then to the regular hours were the only two inspirations for me to start blogging journey.

Give some PRO Advice or Suggestion for newbies Bloggers.

Ans: Blogging is a business which need two strong pillars, command onto the basic foundation learning and proper planning. Without these two you cannot survive and I started in the Nov 2018 and today here I am only because I worked on these 2 very carefully otherwise even after spending 6 years you will be at the same where you were earlier.

What do you think “Why many people fail in Blogging”?

Ans: Answer is already answered in the previous question the lack of basic understanding and not proper planning and another thing is wrong guidance from the inappropriate Gurus on the various platforms.

Some Suggestions

Which themes do you recommend most?

Ans: One and only Generate Press.

Which plugins you love and use on your blog also recommend to others?

Ans: Mainly page builder Thrive architect to design attractive post and pages.

Which SEO Tool is best according to you?

Ans: I prefer Ahref and SEMrush

Which Hosting do you want to recommend to our readers?

Ans: It depends on the budget, but my choice will be among the Hostinger, Bluehost, A2, and CloudWays based on the site traffic.

Last but the most Demanded Question? that “How much money you generate through your Blogs”?

Ans: At the moment the highest money I made overall in a month is $6000 and, on an average, somewhere in the range of $3-4K. But in addition, I am also working on different other business models including my full time job.

Some RAPID-FIRE Comparison Questions:

1.Blogger vs WordPressWordPress
2.AdSense vs Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing
4.Micro Niche vs Macro NicheMicro Niche
5.Updating Old Posts vs Writing New PostWriting New Post

Thanks, Kirtish Vyas sir for taking part in “ST Interview Show” and answering questions amazingly. Really you are a true inspiration to all of us who are in this field or those who want to start. You are my First guest and I have learned a lot from this interview. Keep us update with informational articles through your blog.

Thank You !!!

Guys, If you loved the interview then please share with your friends, and tell us by commenting down what you have learned from this interview. See you in the next article… 
Have a good day
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