Common Reasons Behind Google Adsense Rejection 2021

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have you applied to Google AdSense?

… and got dismissed.

That is the reason you arrived on this page, Right?

I have recollected that when I had applied to Google Adsense first an ideal opportunity for my blog, they had dismissed my application and the explanation was lacking substance.

The blog barely had 7 posts distributed and Google AdSense doesn’t permit another blog with low substance to run promotions.

Like inadequate substance, there are some different conditions also that choose either your application ought to be endorsed or reject.

I have seen for the most part amateurs face this issue when they start their own blog and applied for AdSense.

Google Adsense is the awesome solid technique to make money through your blog.

Google Adsense is a promotions program run by Google to permit site distributers to serve text, pictures, video, or intelligent media commercials on their site/blog that is focused to the site’s substance and crowd. These notices are totally overseen and arranged by Google itself.

I would strongly prescribe you to peruse this total agenda prior to applying to Google AdSense, on the off chance that you follow this agenda you will be affirmed in the main attempt.

Getting endorsement from Google AdSense is anything but an intense assignment on the off chance that you follow all the strategies cautiously.

Insufficient Content

At the point when I got dismissed on my first attempt by Google Adsense, the explanation was Insufficient Content on my blog that time I had just 7 posts on my blog so that is the reason Google had dismissed my blog.

This is the email they sent me:

google adsense rejection
google adsense rejection
Image Credit:staymeonline

As you can find in the picture over, the explanation behind rejection is unmistakably expressed in the email. My blog had low substance tally when I had applied.

Google AdSense needs me to expand the substance check and afterward re-apply.

I did likewise, I arrived at 50 posts distributed on my blog at that point applied once more.

Also, this time, they endorsed my blog.

Unacceptable Site

There are specific sorts of site Google Adsense doesn’t permit to serve advertisements on.

Your site ought not be on beneath recorded Niche or ought not be connected to any of this kind of substance/site.

Design Of Your Blog

A blog’s plan matter a ton…

… and Google additionally thinks often about it profoundly.

Envision, you have visited a blog which has a dull yellow foundation with white content on it, I realize It will hurt your eyes and you would prefer not to visit that blog once more.

Anyway, how might you believe that Google Adsense will favor that grimy planned Blog/Site?

Make sure to pick a decent planned topic for your blog. With regards to topic, I generally suggest utilizing GeneratePress.

The best subject I found in my entire contributing to a blog excursion and I am too utilizing it on the entirety of my online journals.

You can peruse a total survey here.

You’re Under 18

Normal Reasons Behind Google Adsense Rejection

Any individual who is applying for Google Adsense ought to be 18 years or above.

In the event that you are under 18, your application will dismiss.

Yet at the same time, you can apply for the sake of your folks or anybody 18+ who you can trust.

No Privacy Policy Page

Google profoundly thinks often about clients’ security.

… and they need you to have a Privacy strategy page made on your site prior to applying to Google AdSense.

On the off chance that you don’t have a security page on your blog, your application is certainly going to be dismissed.

A protection strategy clarifies which sort of close to home data a site gathers and how they will utilize it.

Aside from Privacy strategy, I do prescribe you to have an About and Contact page additionally prior to applying to AdSense.

Content Policy Violations

Make sure your substance doesn’t disregard Google Adsense Content Policy.

… and don’t connection to any page which is disregarding AdSense strategy.

Here are the type of content that AdSense does not support:

Make sure your substance ought not about any of the above-recorded points or ought not connect to any of these kind pages.

Content Quality Issues

Your substance ought to be remarkable or pertinent to the specialty for what guests are going to your site.

You ought not add AdSense code to an auto-created content or no unique substance.

… and your site ought not be partnered to any subsidiary projects who are not offering some incentive to your clients.

Site Navigation Issues

Webpage route encourages clients to explore your site without any problem.

By great site route, you are giving acceptable clients’ experience… which Google thinks often about profoundly.

During the survey time frame, if the Google AdSense group discovered hard to route your site. they will dismiss your application.

Issues With Your Traffic Sources

Traffic sources are where your traffic is coming from.

Your promotions ought not be put on pages which are getting traffic from:

traffic coming from paid-to-clicks programs

sending undesirable messages

showing promotions as the consequence of the activity

Unsupported Language

In the event that your site’s substance is in language that Adsense doesn’t uphold, it very well may be the purpose behind the Google Adsense rejection.

See every single supported language:

Languages supported by Adsense
Languages supported by Adsense

You can make an interpretation of your site’s substance to a supported language by Google Adsense and afterward re-apply.


These are the reasons behind the disapproval of Google AdSense.

Here is the checklist that you can adopt before applying for Google Adsense, this will help you to get your website approved.

Please find out the reason for Google Adsense disapproval by commenting below … and share if you like this post.

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