Suryakant Sahoo Interview: Making 3 dollar figures income Every Month

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Hello Blogger!
Welcome everyone to ST Interview Show
I started a blogger interview series so bloggers who are doing well can motivate you through interviews and can also give you some tips on blogging, SEO, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

This is the 3rd interview with Suryakant Sahoo, a passionate blogger, and founder of Techyy Dude

I am delighted to have it on my Blog.

Suryakant Sahoo also has a YouTube channel of the “Suryakant Sahoo” name where he shares his experience, tips, and tricks related to blogging, SEO, keyword research, making money online, and much more.

I love watching his YouTube videos the way he explains everything. And I never miss his videos.

Guys are you excited?

Of course, you do, so without wasting your precious time, let’s start this amazing interview with Suryakant Sahoo.

Let’s start the Interview with Suryakant Sahoo:

Table of Contents

Suryakant Sahoo first of All, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, Yogesh how are you doing and I pray you are safe wherever you are. First of all thanks for inviting me to your amazing blog. I am Suryakant Sahoo a blogger, affiliate marketer, Youtuber, and founder of a blog where you will find high-quality content on blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and many more.

Suryakant Sahoo can you please explain your Blogging Journey?

My journey started in late 2019 after my matriculation. After my board exam, I am free for around 5 to 6 months and I am in search of something creative to do and I can earn also by doing that. So, I came across blogging and I found it creative and something new to do. I finalize my decision to pursue my career in this field only. This is how I started.

What are the challenges you have faced during your Blogging Journey?

Nothing new same problems I also faced as other fellow bloggers faced.  At first, I haven’t decided which is my niche. For this reason, I created 2 unsuccessful blogs. Not having proper knowledge about this industry. Don’t know how to do proper keyword research, how to write engaging content, how to do SEO. Yeah, these are some of the challenges I have faced at the beginning of my career. Now also I am facing challenges but I am facing them proudly and I am learning from them.

What is your main motive for creating the Blog?

My main motive behind creating this blog is to share my knowledge with audiences all around the globe, to build a career in this industry. And to earn by doing what I love.

 Why do you choose “TechyyDude” as your Brand Name?

There is nothing much story behind choosing this name. I am a tech and gadgets lover and at first, I think that I will create my blog in the tech niche but after working few days I realize that I have only an interest in it I can’t produce high-quality engaging content on it. So, I dropped that idea and I switch to a blogging niche with the same domain.

What is the goal you want to achieve after 2 to 3 years?

My goal is to produce more and more high-quality, informative content for our lovely audiences and to provide tons of value through our content. I think that if anyone takes my note seriously and does something good in his/her life then I am grateful for and that what is my goal.

What do you think about the “Scope of Blogging in 2021-2022”?

It’s going to boom in upcoming years and if you’re thinking to come into this industry right now because it’s high time so stop thinking and start creating. From some source 500M, people don’t have an internet connection till now. Think about the revolution which will come after few years after when these people will also get internet connection at their doorstep. So content creation is a long-run game so come and enjoy the process. You’re going to shine my buddy.

How many Blogs are you currently running? Also, share some details about your other Blogs.

I am running only one blog as of now and that is But I am growing my audience on Youtube (Suryakant Sahoo) and Instagram (suryakantsahoo18) as well.

Should Beginners choose for Blogging?

Yes, you can choose Blogger(dot)com if you want to explore what blogging is and how it works. Etc. But if you want to continue blogging professionally then you have to switch to WordPress because that the only way through which you can take charge of your website/blog fully to your hand.

What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in the digital marketing industry and those who have failed?

Mindset, Consistency, and Patience. I think these factors play key roles behind any successful or unsuccessful digital marketer. If you don’t have the proper mindset then you can’t grow further. If you don’t have consistency then you can’t survive in this field. And after all these the main factor is patience you’ve to be patient to get success in this field.

What do you think about “AdSense vs Affiliate”?

It varies from person to person no doubt both are the great way to earn money from blogging. You have to see which is best for you and your audience. In some niches, you don’t have many options to show ads while you have lots and lots of affiliate products to promote and vice versa. So, it’s upon you which monetization method you want to choose.

What do you think about “Blogging vs YouTube”?

Both platforms are just amazing, both are giving good reach to their creators you have to find what your audience love to consume text content or video content. I’ve covered this topic in detail you can watch here:

If anyone asks you to choose between JOB vs ONLINE BUSINESS then what should be your answer?

I will choose an online business because I think the freedom, life which I want, the online business can give me. I come from a business background where my father, grandfather all are businessmen so I feel at ease doing business.

What major things a blogger or digital marketer should follow to get traffic in the initial days of their career.

In the initial days of our career we face difficulties in getting high-quality traffic to our blog so here are tips that you can follow:

  • Try to be original describe things in your own words don’t use plagiarized material.
  • Focus on on-page SEO.
  • Share your content on social media platforms. (it’s best for beginners)
  • Index your site in Google Search Console.
  • Submit sitemap.
  • Invite other bloggers, entrepreneurs from your niche to your blog.

Can you please share some AdSense approval tips as you have expertise in them?

Thanks for saying me an expert but I am not an expert I am still practicing. So, here are some

Adsense tips:

  • Focus on your site speed make sure it’s fast enough.
  • Don’t post plagiarized content.
  • Don’t apply for Adsense just after creating your blog make sure you post some quality content and wait so, your blog turned few months old.
  • Make sure that your blog should have these pages: About, Contact Us, Privacy policy, and
  • Affiliate disclosure (if you’re promoting affiliate products).
  • Make your blog UI neat and clean. And you’re ready to rock.

Which statics do you prefer to use to rank on Competitive Keywords?

Ok, here are some statics I prefer to follow while working on high competitive keywords:

  • Analyse top 10 articles on that keywords and find out missing points and topics which they haven’t covered on their articles put them on yours.
  • Do proper keyword research and find LSI keywords and use them.
  • Use keywords in a natural manner don’t do keyword stuffing.
  • Make sure that your article is enough long and detailed so that the user fully understands what you want to explain.
  • Do proper on-page SEO.
  • Give outbound links to the popular site related to your niche.
  • Use images, infographics, and videos wherever possible.
  • Use proper heading structure (H!, H2…., H6).

Who are your biggest inspirations in life? And why they are your inspirations.

Mom And Dad are my biggest inspirations because the sacrifices and struggles they have faced to grow me are unimaginable. So, I want to give them a life which they deserve from me. And that’s the only motivation that pushing me stronger to work hard.

Who was your first inspiration when taking your first step in the field of Blogging?

My first inspiration when I step into this field is Umer Qureshi because he is 17 and earning in lakhs and this inspires me a lot. Now also there are some inspirations for me in the field of digital marketing whom I always follow:

  1. Ranveer Allahabadia aka BeerBiceps
  2. Chayan Chakrabarti (He is like my mentor and my big brother)
  3. Ryan Biddulph
  4. Satish Kushwaha
  5. Vishwajeet Kumar
  6. Santosh Gairola
  7. Mangesh Kumar Bharadwaj
  8. Ayush Mishra
  9. Viraj Seth

Thanks to all of you for being in my life and inspiring me in my every up and down.

Any tips for Bloggers, Affiliate marketers on how to scale-up their online business.

Tips which I want to give not only to bloggers, and affiliate marketers but to all who want to do something good in their life is:

  • Have the right mindset toward your goals.
  • Love what you’re doing.
  • Enjoy the process don’t hit hard.
  • Be consistent and patient.

What do you think “Why many people fail in Blogging”?

The main reason behind people fails in blogging is not having proper knowledge about this industry. They only see the income of other bloggers and jump to this field. That’s not a bad idea but if you’re coming then have the right knowledge and do proper research.

Some Suggestions:

Q. 1 Which themes do you recommend most?
Q. 2 Which plugins you love and use on your blog also recommend to others?

Ans: WP Rocket (Speed), iThemes Security (Security), RankMath (SEO), Thrive Architect (For designing), Akismet spam protection (Spam protection), UpdraftPlus (BackUp).

Q. 3 Which SEO Tool is best according to you?

Ans: SEMrush

Q. 4 Which Hosting do you want to recommend to our readers?

Ans: GreenGeeks

Last but the most Demanded Question? that “How much money you generate through your Blogs”?

Yeah, I am waiting for this… As of now, I can’t disclose the exact amount but on average I am earning three dollar figures per month.

Some RAPID-FIRE Comparison Questions:

Q. 1 Blogger vs WordPress

Ans: WordPress

Q. 2 AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing

Ans: Affiliate Marketing

Q. 3 SEO vs SEM

Ans: SEM

Q. 4 Micro Niche vs Macro Niche

Ans: Micro Niche

Q. 5 Updating Old Posts vs Writing New Post

Ans: Updating Old Posts

Do you want to give suggestions to my blog?

Yogesh, you and Soumya technology both are amazing and doing great just provide more and more value to your audience and that’s how you and Soumya technology will grow to the benchmark. Best Of Luck to your future buddy.

Thanks, Suryakant Sahoo sir for taking part in “ST Interview Show” and answering questions amazingly. Really you are a true inspiration to all of us who are in this field or those who want to start. You are my Third guest and I have learned a lot from this interview. Keep us update with informational articles through your blog.

Thank You !!!

Guys, If you loved the interview then please share with your friends, and tell us by commenting down what you have learned from this interview. See you in the next article… 
Have a good day
Stay Home Stay Safe
Bye Bye 👋👋

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