What is Oxygen OS And Their big 10 features

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What is Oxygen OS?

OxygenOS is an Android-based OS. Oxygen Operating System developed by Chinese Smartphone manufacture OnePlus exclusively for Smartphone. It was developed for their overseas market.

Oxygen Operating System is written in C++ programming language and available in 40 languages. Oxygen OS is initial release in March 2015.

Oxygen Operating System is version of Android with new modifications and internal tuning, like shelf, dark, Gestures mode by OnePlus. Oxygen OS is better than MIUI and Android also because Oxygen OS is clean stock android OS whether MIUI is heavily loaded/ modified android OS. Oxygen OS consume very less resources (like RAM or Processor) so Oxygen OS will be better smooth while performing heavy tasks if we consider the hardware of both devices is same.

Oxygen Operating System is customized version of Android operating system. Oxygen OS is swift, smart and efficient with intuitive features designed. Now Oxygen OS is open source and has 76 repositories available. You can get these repositories on GitHub.

Oxygen OS
Oxygen OS

Best and top features of Oxygen OS

We need to know top and BEST features of Oxygen OS. They are following:

  • App locker
  • Parallel apps
  • Zen Mode
  • Gestrures
  • Fnatic/Gaming mode and Smart Boost
  • Shelf
  • Adaptive battery
  • FileDash
  • Fingerprint gesture
  • Boost RAM for frequently used apps

How Oxygen Operating System is different than Android?

Oxygen Operating System never allows to all phones but it always works on OnePlus One mobiles because developer developed Oxygen OS for OnePlus One whether Android is used in every smartphones. There is no issue like Oxygen OS with Android.

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Why Oxygen Operating System is Batter than Android and others?

Oxygen Operating System is different from Android in many ways. Let’s try to understand difference between Oxygen OS and Android by few points. According to me points are always better than paragraphs.

  • If you want to record voice then you must install app in Android whether Oxygen OS has build-in voice recorder and this is really a cool feature of OxygenOS.
  • In Android phones, If you want to take screenshots of whole WhatsApp chats then you must have to take lots of screenshots but in Oxygen Operating System you can take these screenshots in one shot. So this features is also saves your time as well as your energy.
  • In Android phones, there is no feature of gaming mode, Zen mode and Reading mode but Oxygen OS provides you these things at a free of cost, no need to install another app for it.
  • Oxygen Operating System have schedule power on or off features that means that you can switch on/off your phone at a particular time whether only few Android phones have this feature.
  • Oxygen Operating System is able to set a limit on cellular data so that you can save your data. It gives cellular data on both Wi-Fi, in a month whether Android never provide you this feature.
  • Only Google have its own migration tool but here Oxygen OS also provide migration tool on apps. OnePlus Switch allow for app data on certain apps to also be migrated whether Android doesn’t have this type of tools.
  • Biggest cooliest feature of Oxygen Operating System is App locker which Android never provides us. App locker is a build-in app locker that puts an additional password to open certain apps. In lockbox build, you can put individual files in a password-protected vault, so that you can secure your important information, pictures, identity card and many more.
  • Oxygen Operating System contains Parallel apps. Let’s take a example of it so that we can understand in better way. If there is two app in your phone like twitter and WhatsApp then you must use two different accounts to operate it but here Oxygen Operating System gives you Parallel apps so that you can operate both app with one account. But Android never gives you this type of unique feature.
  • Most of the person ask that, Is it works on Samsung or other companies phones?

Then answer is that Oxygen Operating System never works on other phones. Oxygen OS is specisaly made for OnePlus One phones which is Chinese company.

So in this manner we can say that Android is better than Oxygen OS.

  • Oxygen Operating System provide good privancy whether Android doesn’t have good privacy so that we can say that Oxygen Operating System also care about our privacy and security and give us best feature.
  • Oxygen Operating System gives the Fnatic mode. Fnatic mode is for gamers It means that when Fnatic mode will be open than our low-battery notification, alarm, will be turn off automatically.

Because of this cool feature Gamers loves Oxygen OS.

Hope Now you can identify that which one is best for you and which one has less quality and features.

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