Online Education

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Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered using the Internet. 20 years ago, it would've been difficult to imagine high quality instruction delivered online, but today, in the digital age, it's become a reality. Now online education, or online learning, is a broad term.

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1. Unmatched individual attention

A virtual classroom is an online teaching and learning space where teachers and students can work in groups, present course materials, and interact with one another.

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2. Personalised learning programs

A landscape analysis of tech-enabled personalized learning solutions in developing country contexts.

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3.Conceptual clarity through visualisation

When students, teachers, and parents focus on the depth of concept clarity, the learning is stronger and longer-lasting.

Live Class

A teacher-led learning model, or instructor-led learning, is one that uses live courses. They choose the learning goal and control the learning rate. They enable synchronised activities planned in a real-time virtual classroom where instructors and students gather to learn.

Online Test And Quiz

An online exam is a type of virtual exam undertaken on a computer device (desktop, laptop) using the internet. One can give and take an online examination from any location remotely..

Group conversation

An online discussion is defined in this learning guide as dialogue between teachers and students conducted through interactive communication platforms.

Study Materials

Lessons, notes, chapters, questions and answers, videos, exercise plans, and other papers are all included in the study resources. It also covers learning methods from other sources, such as books, websites, asking friends, and getting assistance from others.


There are various methods that enable students to submit assignments online in an easy way for the professor who will review and grade their work. These systems also enable students to submit assignments from any location with internet access.

Online Student Record

A tool called student record management software keeps track of and documents all of the normal activities that students in educational institutions engage in, such as attendance, exam performance, and behaviour. With a role-based login, parents, instructors, administrators, and students can all access the software.